“Daddy, what are opposites?”

“Opposites are things very different from each other. Like high and low. Or thin and fat.”

“I got one, Daddy! Day and light!”

“Those aren’t opposites, Sweetie. Those two words go together. Opposites don’t go together like that.”

“I got another one, Daddy! Stars and … Doggy!”

Great, now I have to explain the difference between opposites and non sequiturs.

5 thoughts on “Opposites

  1. Just wait a few months… They somehow become well versed in opposites –
    “Time for bed” response:”Time to play”
    “Eat your broccoli” response:”I eat my bread”
    Etc. Fun!

  2. Reminds me of my daughter when she was little, she had trouble saying her “S’s” we practiced all of the ‘s’ words, s-s-s-snake, s-s-s-squirrel, then she blurted out s-s-s-rabbit. Is it our job to teach them or ours to appreciate what they have to teach us???

  3. i love it! i can’t wait until my girls get to that point. they just turned two (yes, i have twins) and are starting to talk up a storm.

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