"Higher, Daddy!"

Aaron turned three yesterday.  We gave him this wooden trainset table.  Not only did it include over 100 pieces to play with, those were apparently constructed out of hundreds of smaller pieces, fastened by thousands of allen and phillips-head screws.  Oh, yes, I paid my daddy dues that day.

Luckily, he seems to like it.  We’ll see how long that lasts.

What was the best time we had on his birthday?  Taking a little toy paratrooper outside, tossing it up in the air, and trying to catch it as it floats down in its parachute.  Whoever caught the toy won, and Aaron was just as happy for me when I caught it as he was proud when he caught it.  Either way, there’d be squeals of joy.  And before each toss, Aaron would let me know how it should be thrown: always “Higher, Daddy!”