Our Venus Flytrap Pet

We went to Golden Gate Park on Labor Day, and visited the Conservatory of Flowers. The special exhibit was carnivorous plants, and we bought a Venus Flytrap plant for the kids. You’d think my son won the lottery, he was so happy.

Venus Flytrap

That night, this is what he wrote on his calendar:

“We have a Venus Flytrap pet!”

Spot Quiz

I bought an iPad for my wife, and loaded it with Plants vs. Zombies.

My son seems to love the game more than her. During dinner tonight, I decided to ask him a question out of the blue.

“How much sun does it cost to deploy a Doom Shroom in the daytime?”

“The Doom Shroom costs 125 suns and you need a Coffee Bean to wake it up. That costs 75 suns. So you need 200 suns. Easy.”

He got the math right and the strategy right. Not bad for a kid who’s just beginning the second grade.

Now if only school can capture his interest like that video game.

Click on the Blue Square Thing

My nine-year-old daughter was typing up her first book report for school.  She’d already written a draft on paper, and was transcribing the report to the computer.

I decided to have her do it in Microsoft Word.  She’d written the title, and had gotten the first paragraph down when I decided she should learn how to save the document.

I pointed to the image of floppy disk and said, “Now click on the… the little blue square thing here.”

That’s when it hit me.  She’s nine years old, and already Microsoft Word’s graphic for save is so out-of-date as to be meaningless for her.  What was the point of explaining what the picture was of?  We don’t have any floppy disks.  She’ll never see one.