Time Will Do Nicely

As the holiday season wraps up, I can’t help but realize what good sports the members of my family are.

We each made efforts to show the others that they’re loved and appreciated. And I think it worked. But things haven’t always turned out the way we wanted. Although my wife and I scheme to do something special for the kids, our plans don’t always work out for reasons of scheduling or resources.

I’ve made plans for quality time with the kids that just hasn’t panned out. For example, we haven’t opened up the new board game that I’m so excited about, and I don’t know when we will.

But when I look back on the past few days, I realize what some of my favorite moments have been:

Sitting in the car in the rain with my wife, chatting about nothing, watching TV with my daughter, and reading a book with my son.

And they all seemed to like it too. I was suspicious at first, because I felt like I owed it to them to do something more special for them. Why did my son say “that was a good book” when I knew he wasn’t a Star Wars fan? I thought at first he was just being nice for my sake, but I think some of it is that he just liked the time together, regardless of the book.

I’ll still make plans for quality time with the family. But when those plans fall though, I’ll have to remember that any time we spend together is valuable. It doesn’t have to be some grand event. Any time we spend together will do.

Next time we play Minecraft

I got the following email from my nine-year-old son today:


Next time we play Minecraft let’s finish our enchantment room. How? I have 3 eye of ender! (They lead you to a stronghold.)

Remember how in the stronghold is a big library? Let’s harvest the books! Then come back and finish off our enchantment room! You really only need 1 eye of ender but I’ll still bring the 3 in case we lose one. Isn’t that smart?

You toss the eye of ender, I’ll leave a torch trail! (The eye of ender falls back down to you.) That’s all!


I can hear him urgently calling, “Dad Dad,” to get my attention like he just came up with this amazing idea that just can’t wait!

I can’t tell you how happy that message makes me, and what a perfect memento that is of this stage in our lives. I’m so grateful that the kids still want to spend time with their parents, and that Aaron’s scheming up adventures for us to have together.

And how amazing is Minecraft, that over a year since we first got it, Aaron still wants to trek through it on a new expedition with his dad?

Thanks, Notch, Jens, and everyone else at Mojang. You made for another very precious moment for me.


Today, Aaron and I teamed up against Maddie and Lillian for a game of Pictionary. It was Aaron’s turn to draw and my turn to guess. In a few seconds, he drew the following picture:

At first, when he drew the body, I yelled, “crazy person” but as soon as he drew the torch, I yelled, “pyromaniac!” That was the word!

I gotta say, with that picture, Aaron nailed it.