Loopy Time

Sometimes Maddie will do things that remind me of her mother.  Sometimes she’ll do things that remind me of myself.  Other times, well, it didn’t come from my side of the family…

Ever since Maddie was able to walk, she’s ended the day with what we affectionately call Loopy Time.  That’s a lot better than to say she’s continuing her quest for the perfect mind altering experience.

At first, from a standing position, she would cock her head to the side, and begin walking in concentrated circles.  She’s usually lean in to the circle a little too quickly and fall right down.  Then she’d laugh, stand up, cock her head to the side again, and do it again.  Over and over.

That was good for a month or two, but eventually the buzz from the dizzy fall wasn’t enough.  She’d have to start Loopy Time with a dizzy fall or two, but she needed a new rush.  She found a way to climb onto a footstool, then onto the couch.  She’d turn around, sitting adult-style with her back to the back of the couch.  Then, with a mischievous grin, she’d use her heels to inch her way forward, towards the foot of the couch.  She’d inch ever so close, looking into the void.  (The floor was almost a Maddie-length away, after all.)  A hesitation, then weeee!  Off she’d go!  Face forward into the thin air.  Luckily, Da da (yours truly) would be there to catch/stabilize her at the bottom.  The scarier her fall, the more she’d laugh.  And then she’d climb back up the footstool for another fix.

Nowadays, the Couch Launch doesn’t provide quite enough oomph, either.  She needs a new fix.  She’s back to spinning in circles, babbling, and running towards the wall, stopping with her face just inches from it.  Then she’d pound on the wall with her fists as if to say, “next time, I’m gonna run right through you.”

Some kids are content to end the day with story time.  Not mine.  She gotta have eXtreme bedtime.

Who We Were Then
  • David
  • Lillian
  • Maddie (1 years old)