Maddie’s New Bed

C’mon, let’s have shum more.

Mon! Mon!”  I have no idea how many days Maddie’s been saying, ‘”Mon,” as in “C’mon” to beckon us further.  It took us a while to figure that out.  “Shum!” is another one that caught us by surprise.  She chants that whenever she wants some of whatever we’re eating.

We’ve moved Maddie into her new big-girl’s room.  And she loves it.  At least she loves the freedom of sneaking out of her bed whenever she likes. 

Putting her to bed has become something of a four step process.

  1. Change her into her jammies, brush her teeth, read one to three books, tuck her in, say good night, and turn off the light.
  2. Wait two minutes for her to sneak out with a book in hand, expecting to be read to again.  Put her back in bed.
  3. Wait for her to sneak out again, hiding in the corners of the rooms, evading our detection.  Put her back in bed.
  4. Wait for her to come downstairs with a wet-wipe ready, telling us that she’s poo-pooed.  She knows I won’t get mad at that, since it’s a valid reason for getting out of bed.  Change her and put her to bed again.  (Of course, we’re beginning to suspect that Maddie holds it in until after I put her to bed, so she’ll have that excuse to get up.)

Finally, Maddie sneaks in to our bedroom in the morning now.  She’s learned that if she cries from her bedroom, I’ll go to her bedroom, and keep her company for a few minutes until she falls asleep again.  That’s not what she wants.  So she doesn’t cry anymore.  She waits until we’re asleep, then gets up and crawls into our bed.  That’s what she wants.

Who We Were Then
  • David
  • Lillian
  • Maddie (2 years old)