Grandma babysits Aaron

We left the kids with their Grandma at our home for the first time.

We were wrong about Aaron.

We had the kids’ grandmother (Po Po) over for a couple of
days to help with babysitting while Lillian recovered from her night shifts.  It was also a time to acclimate the kids to their grandma before we go out and take in a show.  It looked like things were progressing swimmingly.  So, on the last day, we head out for the show, and left the kids with their grandma.

We gave Grandma a call during intermission.  She reported that Aaron went into an uncontrollable cry that lasted half an hour. (That’s a really long time .) She couldn’t comfort him or feed him at all. What finally did work was trying to feed him with the lights out.  The theory was that if he couldn’t see that it wasn’t Mommy or Daddy feeding him, it wouldn’t be so scary.

So it looks like we were wrong about what sets him off.  It isn’t just that he doesn’t like strange places. And it isn’t just that he likes to be with Mommy and Daddy. He like to be with Mommy and Daddy at home.  Period.

Who We Were Then
  • David
  • Lillian
  • Maddie (2 years old)
  • Aaron (0 years old)