Absolutely Pathetic

Another picture of Aaron at a theme park.

The kids and I went to the local theme park with one of Maddie’s friends, Nickol.  Maddie and Nickol are almost four, so they’re tall enough to go on the kiddie rides. We figured that Aaron would be able to ride with me on most of the rides, so we’d all have fun.

Maddie and Nickol found a kids-only ride that they loved, and wanted to go on it a couple of times. Aaron wanted to go on it too, but he and I weren’t allowed on it.  So we waited outside the fence surrounding the ride. I’d gotten a bunch of pictures of the girls screaming and laughing on the ride, but none of Aaron, since he was just standing next to me watching the ride.

So I stretched my arm as far as I can over the fence, and snap a shot back at Aaron through the fence watching his sister on the ride.  I figured that he’d look cute through the bars.  Only later when I saw the picture at home did I realize what it must be like to be a two-year-old at a big kid theme park.

Aaron at Great America

Who We Were Then
  • David
  • Lillian
  • Maddie (3 years old)
  • Aaron (1 years old)