Be Logical

In front of the Lego Store in Downtown Disney, I saw a father squatting in front of a stroller with a crying toddler inside. The child’s mother wasn’t in sight, and the father was obviously at his wit’s end with the crying. I overheard him pleading to the kid,

“Be logical!”
Then, waving his hands, “We don’t have any more money!”

Guess how much that helped.  My wife and I still chuckle, in sympathy for the poor guy.

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If your child is crying while your infront of a lego store that probably means that he want a toy or something to drink or possibly even eat if the y sell food there. Don’t just stand there and try to tell the toddler tobe logical because it’s not going to work .

I agree with the first post, “Be Logical” is not a logical thing to say to a young-un, at least take them away from the store or whatever is the source of the crying.

I love reading your blog.. I got hooked back when we lived in the Bay Area. Now we’re in San Diego and just a couple days ago, there was an article in our local newspaper about proms and how elaborate things have gotten — goes to show how much parents nowadays can go to spoil kids. That’s hilarious though that he said “Be Logical!”. Poor guy, he really was at his wits end to say that to a toddler!

The article is at

LOL, reading this made me remember many moons ago when I worked as a nanny and one of their parenting philosophy’s was to reason with their child. This would of been fine and dandy if the child wasn’t 8 months old lol. I just stood there and smiled lol.

Wow. I was just reading a friend’s blog entry about the “explainline” on jokes these days and then I see these comments. The entry is indeed hilarious. Is the first comment for real? I find it hard to believe without making inappropriate suppositions. Anyway… great eye on parenting and life. Kudos.

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