About This Blog

This is a blog of anecdotal stories about fatherhood that spans over 10 years of the lives of my two children. When I started this blog, they couldn’t read it. Now they can.

What’s in a name? Back in 2002, I named my new blog Daddy Blog because it was going to be a blog of anecdotal stories about fatherhood. I googled around, and there wasn’t anything called Daddy Blog, although there was a new one called “Blog Daddy” which I didn’t see at the time.

So I went with it. Little did I know that blogging would get big. So big, that Daddy Blog now turns out to be a completely nondescript generic name.

Why is it called “my dilemma” now? Well, partly because I own the domain dlma.com. (Aside from sounding like “dilemma,” the letters are the initials of the members of my family.) I considered Daddy Dilemma, but Google said that that was an already quite popular phrase that usually described the conflict between work and family. That’s not exactly where I want to go with this blog.

Fine, that would be the Daddy Dilemma. This would be my dlma.

Over the years, the site has been through a few redesigns. Here are some screen captures of how this blog used to look:

First was the completely hand-tuned FogCreek CityDesk version. Here’s an archive of the actual HTML code.


Second was a design based on the WordPress Wuhan template.


Then there was a short-lived refinement where I cleaned up some of the style. Can you spot the differences? I agonized over them!


The third design is based off Blogger’s Minima design. This would be the last of the desktop-oriented themes.


In 2015, the site updated to a mobile-device responsive theme called Libre. This is the current design, so the screen shot below may be of a slightly older design.