Maddie loves her shoez and ca-ca!

Loves how they taste, that is.

Babytalk is a wonderful thing.  Maddie’s learning how to say shoes, juice and crackers.  (She’s very fond of Silang Coconut Crackers.)  She picked up shoes and juice first.  Actually, at the same time, since to her, they’re both about the same word.  “Shjuzch.”  A few days later, she’d learned to say crackers.  “Ca-ca.”

So, the joke’s over for you, the reader.  Maddie loves how her juice and crackers taste.  Ha, ha.  Move along.

But the joke just goes on and on for us.  Because Maddie really does love her juice and crackers, and we love how she pronounces them.  Here’s what happens before walks and before snacktimes.

Momma:  Maddie, can you say, “juice?”
Maddie: Shujch.
Momma: Maddie, can you say, “shoes?”
Maddie: Shujch.
Momma: What should we pour your juice into?
Maddie: Shujch!
Momma: Maddie, what do you think of crackers?
Maddie: Ca-ca!
: Maddie, what’s your favorite thing in the world to eat?  (Waves a cracker out of reach.)
Maddie: Ca-ca!

It doesn’t get much more clever than that, although I wish it did.  You have to punch the word you want Maddie to repeat, or you have to show it to her to make her call for it.  Actually, we’re pretty happy that Maddie’s picking up new words, and just getting her to say them lights up our day.

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