She couldn’t possibly have gotten it from me.

Maddie has begun saying, “um,” when she babbles.  For example, she’d pick up the phone, and have imaginary conversations with someone.

“Um, raba ticle dele bedle.”
“Um. Dele needle rata bel.”
“Um, bala rata raba udu.”

She’ll do the same thing when she talks to her animals in the crib.

A couple of days ago, while I was talking to Maddie’s mom, she answered a question with, “Um,” somthing or other.  I giggled because I thought she was immitating Maddie to be cute.  But it turns out she wasn’t.  Aha, I figured, that’s where Maddie must have picked it up!

Yesterday, I told this story to Rosie, and a little later in the conversation caught myself saying, “um.”  I tried to ignore it and kept going, but I couldn’t help but notice that I eventually said “um” at least two more times in the same conversation.  Darn.  Maybe Maddie didn’t just get it from her mother.

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