Our Obstetrician’s Office

What’s on your ceiling?

My wife and I are expecting our second child in early January.  She recently had a weekday appointment with her obstetrician, so Maddie and I came along and watched after each other.

We were all led in to her examining room,  where we waited for the doctor.  We took the time to look around, and it became clear the doctor was a very health conscious, biking and basketball playing obstetrician.  In addition to the usual clinical photos and memos on the walls, she had plenty of sports photos and paraphernalia.  It was a refreshing change of pace from the usual overly saccharine or sterile office.

Then we remembered that Lillian’s first obstetrician had a nice picture of a waterfall and blue sky on the ceiling over the examining bed.  We realized why, when the doctor asked Lillian to lay down.  Then she could focus on the serene photo, and (try to) calm herself while being examined.

So we looked up at this doctor’s ceiling.  She had some posters up there too.

Oh, yeah.  Pierce Brosnan looking suave and dashing as James Bond, and some young nicely honed (yet slightly glistening with sweat) boxer.  I’m sure these posters are even better at distracting the doctor’s patients.

Who We Were Then
  • David
  • Lillian
  • Maddie (1 years old)