Rules And The Toy

Yesterday, we got a Happy Meal from McDonald’s for Maddie for being so good during her allergy test.

Yesterday, Maddie got a Happy Meal from McDonald’s for being so good during her allergy test.  She lucked out!  She got the Kim figurine from the Kim Possible set, and she loved it.  It’s got a section that lights up when you push a button.

Today, after lunch, (which she barely touched, but that’s a different, and far more common story) she asked if she may be excused to go play with her toys, “Toy!”  She’s very succinct.

Maddie understands the rule we have about the family room.  Before playing with your next toy, you need to clean up the previous toy.  But this time, instead of going straight to the Kim figurine, she goes to one of the old toy boxes and drags it to the middle of the room.  There she proceeds to tip the box over, and spill all of its contents onto the floor.

Maddie’s Mom and I look at each other.  Doesn’t Maddie know where she left the Kim toy?  It’s not in that box.

Maddie sorts through the toys for a moment, probably rediscovering some old favorites.  Then she grabs the toy she was actually after:  The box.  She puts it on her head like a helmet, and peeps out of the handle slot like it’s the helmet’s visor.  Then she proceeds to bobble and weave through the house with the box over her head like a drunken mini astronaut.


Who We Were Then
  • David
  • Lillian
  • Maddie (2 years old)
  • Aaron (0 years old)