My boy’s got an addiction to attention.

All of 16 months old, Aaron’s mastered his first pick-up line.  “Hi,” said very confidently and breathily.  Then he stands there for a few seconds to see if the strange cute girl responds.  If she doesn’t, that’s fine too.  He just walks over to the next cutie and tries the line again.  One girl (or woman) after another.

After putting him to bed in his crib, we’ve heard him practicing his line on the stuffed animals.  “Hi.”

We only realized he had a problem recently.  Aaron’s not just a casual flirt.  He’s got a need for the fawning he sometimes receives from his line.  One morning while my wife was watching A Dating Story, when the pretty host appeared on screen, he walked up to the TV and gave her his best “Hi,” and stood there waiting for her to gush over him.

Who We Were Then
  • David
  • Lillian
  • Maddie (3 years old)
  • Aaron (1 years old)