Play-Doh Colors

You can mix different play-doh colors to make new colors.  But when do you stop?  Where does the madness end?

A few days ago Maddie showed me what her mom had just taught her:  That you can combine the play-doh of different colors, mash well, and make new colors.  She had made a little purple ball from red and blue, a little green ball from blue and yellow, and so on.  It was very exciting, and we were all very proud.

It was the first time anyone here had permanently mashed dough of different colors together.

I had always taught them to carefully layer dough of different colors together, if you had to.  And when you were done, to separate the colors again, and put them back in their mono-color containers.

Today, both kids got busy mashing dough together to make new colors.  If you’re a type A personality, it’s really hard to watch your children mix all their play-doh colors together.  Before they finished mixing the last of their pure unmixed colors together, I explained, “If you mix all that’s left, you won’t have any of the original colors anymore.  All that you’ll have left will be new colors…”

Of course when I said it, I realized, “…but maybe you’ll like that.”

Without skipping a beat, and with a big smile, Maddie replied, “I like that.”  And she mashed away.

Who We Were Then
  • David
  • Lillian
  • Maddie (4 years old)
  • Aaron (2 years old)