Look at me!

Aaron enjoys Maddie’s birthday party as much as she did!

Yesterday, we celebrated Maddie’s birthday at her preschool. Aaron’s a stay-at-home toddler, so going to the preschool is always a joy for the kid.  He gets to see his big sister whom he hasn’t seen in hours.

We brought pizza and cake to the preschool for everybody.  It was organized chaos, but eventually we got all the kids sitting and eating, and all the teachers got a chance to enjoy their pizza too.  Until we heard…

“Look at me!”
“Look at me, Daddy!”

So we look around, and in the sea of little bodies eating pizza at their tiny tables, there’s one arm frantically waving around.  It’s Aaron.

“I see you.  What is it Aaron?”

“I’m eating pizza!”

It wasn’t just that he was eating pizza.  It was that he was sitting with all the preschoolers at one of their tables eating pizza!  As if he had joined their ranks.  That was just the start of it.  For the rest of the celebration, Aaron milled around with the bigger preschoolers, pretending to be one of them, always calling out to us to make sure we see what a big boy he is.

Soon, he’ll be attending the same preschool too.  He’s more ready for it than we are.

Who We Were Then
  • David
  • Lillian
  • Maddie (5 years old)
  • Aaron (2 years old)

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