Grand Tradition

In grand tradition, we had the following dialogue the day before Father’s Day:

“Hope you’re not expecting anything this year.”

“Oh, I am.” And I was. I purposefully did not pick up the latest Blade of the Immortal book at the comic book store for myself. I had hopes that my wife saw fit to surprise me with it.

“I have bad news for you. A certain something has been delayed two months.”

“It couldn’t have been Blade of the Immortal, because Lee’s had lots of copies.”

A pained expression appeared on Lillian’s face. “Yes. It’s Blade of the Immortal. Amazon can’t ship it as expected. Is there anything you’d want to exchange with it on the order so that we can keep the Free Shipping discount?”

“Yeah. Replace it with the book iWoz.”

Another pained expression from the wife. “Uh, no. That won’t work!” And she flees up the stairs without another word.

And that’s how I found out what books I’m getting for Father’s Day one day early!

Who We Were Then
  • David
  • Lillian
  • Maddie (6 years old)
  • Aaron (4 years old)

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