Where’s the red chalk?

The rain abated this afternoon, so the kids and I gathered in the driveway for a little fresh air.

Maddie rode her bike up and down the street, while Aaron grabbed the chalk and started drawing on the nearly dry concrete.  He draw a rhino-nosed shark, and began to fish through the bucket of chalk pieces.

“Where’s the red?  I need red chalk.”

He got up and went back inside the garage to sort through another container of chalk pieces.  I’d already figured out that he needed red to draw some blood.  Awesome.  My son was going to draw the shark in a feeding frenzy or something.  I was so proud.

He came out disappointed.  “We only have pink.”

With that, he began to draw a line from the shark’s eye to a little stick-figure man, and then drew zapping lines all around the man.

Shark eye-zapping its prey

His drawing was far more awesome than I anticipated.  He didn’t need red chalk for blood.  He needed it for the rhino-nosed shark’s laser beam eyes.

Way to beat your old man’s expectations, Little Guy.

Who We Were Then
  • David
  • Lillian
  • Maddie (7 years old)
  • Aaron (5 years old)

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