Boys’ Adventure

Boys’ Adventure
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This weekend, the whole family went to San Mateo County Memorial Park to celebrate the birthday of one of Madison’s friends.

Aaron and I took the opportunity to go on an adventure in the park, on our own, away from the girls.

We went straight to the creek, and wound our way along the trails following signs to the Tunnel Tree and the Largest Tree. There were plenty of fascinating trees with burnt-out trunks in which to explore and lots of paths leading off towards unimagined adventures.

The photo here captures Aaron sitting at the end of a concrete wall a few feet above the water just before a spill-over. He had to walk carefully along the edge of the wall to make it to the pylon. This is what he and I deemed “the most dangerous part of our adventure”.

Who We Were Then
  • David
  • Lillian
  • Maddie (8 years old)
  • Aaron (6 years old)

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