Aaron Stops Playing Super Mario Galaxy

Aaron’s a great Super Mario Galaxy player. He’s gotten all 121 stars over and over again. Now he’ll start playing the game just to pass the time. He’s even found a glitch in the game.

It’s pretty much all he wants to do. Bringing him outside to play catch or go for a bicycle ride is like asking him to do homework.

A few days ago, when he asked to play the game again I told him, “No, you really should do something else. Put one of the puzzles together or play with your toys instead.”

He walked off and called back to me from another room, “I’m going to play Jenga, Daddy!” I answered “OK, Aaron.”

Everything seemed fine.  Maybe he really could entertain himself without obsessing about Super Mario Galaxy.

A little while later, I went to the kitchen and discovered what he called “playing Jenga.”


He drew a Grand Star in Jenga pieces.

Who We Were Then
  • David
  • Lillian
  • Maddie (8 years old)
  • Aaron (6 years old)

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