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I bought an iPad for my wife, and loaded it with Plants vs. Zombies.

My son seems to love the game more than her. During dinner tonight, I decided to ask him a question out of the blue.

“How much sun does it cost to deploy a Doom Shroom in the daytime?”

“The Doom Shroom costs 125 suns and you need a Coffee Bean to wake it up. That costs 75 suns. So you need 200 suns. Easy.”

He got the math right and the strategy right. Not bad for a kid who’s just beginning the second grade.

Now if only school can capture his interest like that video game.

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2 replies on “Spot Quiz”

I need that game to teach my kids math! At “just beginning second grade” they’re still struggling to add to ten… using their fingers.

Left hand / right hand is a struggle, too. Does the video game have left / right features?

I don’t think the average kid gets as nuts about that game as my kid did. Tonight, he explained to me a handful a new imaginary plants he invented for the game. The fire watermelon launcher, the spike plant, and the lightning pea shooter, among others.

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