Majestic Creature

I have little compunction about killing invasive bugs. As one of the heads of the household, I simply have bigger fish to fry. So when a spider threatens to crawl into one of my children’s beds, I weigh the total cost of relocating it vs. killing it on the spot.

And honestly, often, killing it on the spot wins.

But the garden is not one of our bedrooms. And there’s a beautiful big garden spider that’s been weaving webs covering over six square feet between the plants besides our front door walkway. (It’s not this one, but it’s the same type.)


Everyday we’ve been admiring it and keeping an eye out for it, too.

It’s a good thing that we’ve been keeping a eye out for it, because this morning it wove a web that crossed the walkway itself. There was no way out or in to the front door without getting caught in its trap!

Bold move, you majestic creature.

That spider earned herself a first-class, comfortable relocation to a bush down by the canal. Good hunting, mate, but watch out for birds.

(Thanks to flickr user nettsu for his beautiful photo of the spider web.)

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