Attack of the Imaginary Spiders

Every first blog is about software installation trouble or bugs.  Mine is about bugs.

Made with the trial version of Fog Creek’s City Desk.  So far so good!

Last night after tucking Maddie in, and kissing my wife goodbye as she went to work, I settled down to watch “A Fighter’s Blues.”  (A Hong Kong movie about a Chinese Kick Boxer visiting Thailand and meeting a Japanese orphanage worker.)

I was pretty comfortable laying lengthwise along the couch, relishing the solitude, when out of nowhere a big spider crawled across my arm and chest.  A quick spider.  Zip, and it was gone.  I barely had time to flick it.  It was slightly juicy, and kind of ant shaped, except for more and longer legs.  Ugh!  I imagined spiders crawling on me off and on for the rest of the night.

The next day while changing the baby, I felt another imaginary spider on my leg, only it turned out to be a real ant.  Where’d that come from?  Dang it, it turns out the family room was being scouted by about 20 ants.  Lucky that it wasn’t more before I caught them I guess…

Who We Were Then
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