Pros and Cons to Fevers

Is it wrong to enjoy your child’s fever?

Maddie activities:

  • Gnawing balloons.
  • Scattering wooden blocks
  • “Sorting” clothes
  • Kazoo playing
  • Spinning and falling
  • Running from Da da.
  • Watching the hunter.

Last week, Maddie was acting very strangely during naptime.  She was restless and listless at the same time.  I tried to comfort her by staying in the nursery with her, but that wasn’t enough.  Only when I picked her up did I realize she was hot.  I took her temperature, and it turned out to be 103.5.  Well, the nap wasn’t going to happen, so I took her downstairs with me, but nothing interested her there either.  It was hard to see her so hot and uncomfortable.  But

Although I really hated the fact that she was sick, it caused something amazing to happen.  As I was lying down, she crawled up to me and put her head on my arm and — get this — stayed put.  She normally never would have let me hold her.  She’d be too busy “helping us” by sorting things in drawers where we’d never guess to look for them, or scattering blocks all around the floor.  So she gave me a moment of peace and a chance to touch her back lovingly.

I hated the fact that she was sick, but I really enjoyed holding her.

Who We Were Then
  • David
  • Lillian
  • Maddie (1 years old)