The Spilling Water Game

Why did Maddie seem like she really wanted her sippy cup, but kept refusing it when I gave it to her?

Today Maddie seemed really fussy during dinner.  She whined and reached for her sippy cup, but refused it when it was offered.  Eventually, she’d grab it and tip it towards one of our water glasses.  “Did she want to exchange one for the other?” we wondered.  So we offered her a drink from the glass instead, but that only upset her more.  (We wouldn’t let her hold the glass herself, since she’s prone to throwing things over her shoulder when she’s done with them.)

We carefully let her have the sippy cup and our glass.  Finally, she seemed pretty happy, and intent on pretending to spill water from the sippy cup into the glass.  Aha!

So, I took her outside to pour water from one cup to another which is what she really wanted to do.  Where’d she get the idea to do that?

Who We Were Then
  • David
  • Lillian
  • Maddie (1 years old)