Aaron’s at the tail-end of the squishy phase, so we’re
soaking it up.

It took me two children to truly appreciate the squishy newborn baby phase. With our first baby, I was so concerned with caring for the fragile needy little thing, I didn’t really appreciate what I had.

During Aaron’s first few days he seemed more fragile than huggable, too.  But now, we’re all about the huggable squishy baby.  It’s just so fun.  Hold him to your chest and that squishy little body mushes right up against yours, and his little hands claw and grab with all their might for some purchase.  He’s grabbing you — you’re holding him — that’s all there is.

Who We Were Then
  • David
  • Lillian
  • Maddie (2 years old)
  • Aaron (0 years old)