My Addiction

You thought it was the Frappuccino that got me through the day, eh?  If only you knew…

There are plenty of things for which I can’t wait.  My next frappuccino.  Hearing “da da” when I get home.  Getting to the next level in a video game.  Reading a few more pages in my bedside book.

But there’s one thing that I just cannot get enough of.  (Get ready to be grossed out.)  And that’s the smell of my baby’s hair.  Doesn’t matter if she’s fresh from the shower, or stinky from a day in the playground.  There’s just something about Maddie-hair that I can’t resist.  Sure it all started innocently enough.  A father has to carry his daughter from place to place sometimes, and he can’t help but get a whiff of her hair.  Oh, but now, I practically drink in her scent any old time I please!  Sure, I feel plenty bad.  I know it’s weird.

But you know what?  I take great comfort in the following realization:  She’s my daughter.  And I get to smell her hair if I want!  This, truly is one of the great privileges of being a parent.  Woe to all you childfree people.  You will never know.

PS.  Think I’m weird?  Another friend of mine loves to kiss her daughter’s “stinky feet.”  She’ll singsong “stinky feet” and her toddler will try to raise her leg and foot (in the manner of a dog about to do his business) for the inevitable kiss attack.  Ptui!  Ptui!

Who We Were Then
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